FireClass Conventional 2 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel System Precept EN


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FireClass Conventional 2 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel System Precept EN

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The 2 Zone FireClass Conventional Fire Panel System Precept EN is an alarm control panel which provides fire protection for buildings with a simple, easy to use solution.  The Precept EN conventional fire panel system allows up to 32 smoke and fire detectors per zone.  These can take the form of smoke detectors, heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors or manual call points.
Conventional panels can be used in all fire risk situations from slow smouldering fires using CO technology to the fast flaming fire using optical detectors and  smoke and fire detectors.  The FireClass conventional fire alarm panel system is perfect for small building or organisation applications or where there are significant budget constraints requiring a simple low cost fire detection and safety solution.  Schools, restaurants, shops and apartments still use the conventional panel fire alarm system from FireClass for their fire protection needs.
A conventional fire alarm panel system employs one or more initiating circuits, connected to fire detection sensors (initiating devices) wired in parallel. These fire detection sensors are devised to decrease the circuit’s resistance when the environmental influence on any fire detection sensor exceeds a predetermined threshold. In a conventional fire security fire alarm system the information density is limited to the number of such circuits used. At times, a floor plan of the building is often placed near the main entrance with the defined 2 alarm zones drawn up, and LEDs indicating whether a particular circuit or alarm zone has been activated. Another common method is to have the different 2 alarm zones listed in a column, with an LED to the left of each alarm zone name.
With conventional fire alarm panels the zone where the fire has been detected initiates a warning.  For more precise requirements an Addressable fire alarm system is recommended.
  • Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel for 2 alarm zones, allows up to 32 smoke detectors or heat detectors per fire alarm zone)
  • EN54-2 / CPD approval (BSi)
  • Comprehensive end-user facilities (access level 2)
  • Designed & built using the latest technology for optimum performance and consistently high quality
  • Extensive configurable facilities for the fire alarm engineer via DIL switches
  • Up to 5 fully-functional FireClass fire alarm repeaters – 2 wire RS485
  • Range of EN54 compliant power supply modules, designed to meet the specific load requirements of each size fire alarm system control panel
  • Zonal one-man test feature and sounder one-man test facility
  • Short Circuit to fire setting for use with older type detectors
  • FireClass conventional fire alarm panel system inputs for class change, evacuate, silence alarms, system reset
  • 3 open collector outputs for evacuate, buzzer active, disablement active
  • Auxiliary supply output – monitored fuse
  • Optional timer clock counter module
  • Optional Foreign Language text insertable versions available
  • Optional Semi-flush and fully flush mounting bezels available