Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels

  • Addressible Fire Alarm Control Panels

    FC501 FireClass 128 Device 32 Zone Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

    The FireClass FC501 Addressable fire alarm panel incorporates addressable digital technology at a price point for less complex and smaller scale applications, such as small factories and warehouses, schools and hotels.


    Digital addressable panel offering 32 zones. Up to 1000 devices per panel.The FireClass FC32 is a single loop fire alarm addressable control panel which covers 32 alarm zones. The single loop fire panels allow up to 250 addresses on the addressable panel, such as a smoke detector or sounder.

    FC240 FireClass 240 Two or Four Loop Addressable Panel

    Digital addressable panel offering 240 zones. Up to 1000 devices per panel.

    FC64 FireClass 64 Two or Four Loop Addressable Panel

    Digital addressable panel offering 64 zones. Up to 1000 devices per panel.


    FireClass Graphics is a fire emergency management system which has a fire detection graphical user interface which can be monitored from a computer. FireClass Graphics is a windows based fire detection graphical interface with a high resolution colour display and helps monitor and manage an emergency in the event a fire is detected. This piece of fire detection equipment from FireClass comes complete with the FireClass Graphics fire management software and dongle which is compatible for one fire alarm panel and provides one license for use on a server. This ensures FireClass customers have everything they require “straight out of the box”
    FireClass Graphics is a fully featured emergency fire management system that has been specifically designed to present fire alarm information clearly and precisely, to speed up fire response times and ensure that the most appropriate fire response decisions are made. A computer can be used to provide an instant graphical display of the fire, monitor the fire situation, control the fire alarm control panel and as the system is supported by a single database any changes made, are immediately updated to all the users of the system. This can dramatically reduce system maintenance costs.

    FireClass Graphics Emergency Fire Management System is designed specifically for managing fire alarms and other emergencies from a computer or computers. It is fully integrated with communications to existing and new fire alarm panels and provides a specially designed user interface arranged to be easy and intuitive to operate for guards and other emergency responders.

    The IP Video feature allows real-time images of the area at risk to be displayed in the event of an alarm or fault. Video capture of the affected area appears on the FCG screen automatically, allowing the severity of the situation to be assessed quickly and the appropriate executive action to be taken. For less serious incidents, expensive and unnecessary plant shut downs can be avoided. In more critical fire situations, accurate information can be quickly and efficiently communicated to the fire response team and provide the opportunity to reduce financial loss and greatly improve safety.

    This is suitable for providing emergency fire management across 1 fire alarm panel and provides a graphical fire detection interface. Additional licences and software packages are available from FireClass, if more fire alarm panels need to be controlled or if the software needs to run from multiple installations.

    Centralised security administration means that operator accounts are administered through the FireClass Emergency Fire Management System client’s common database

    Mouse, keyboard or touch-screen control with full multimedia compatibility

    Dual language switching.

    The ability to display live video when specific predefined fire alarm conditions occur.

    Easy to configure and set-up.

    No special networking or PC training required

    Facilities and maintenance management report and analysis tools are available.

    Response buttons with configurable icons or text provide control switches specific to any operation being performed

    Uses a combination of symbols, floor plans, pictures, text and video to communicate events

    Gives instructions on what emergency action should be taken

    Prints maps and instructions to assist fire response teams

    History logging recallable or printable by event, dates, device, or a host of other available filters

    The advanced filter allows the history report to be specifically limited to a particular range or date period.

    Commands to control outputs from the Graphical User Interface

    Events can be accepted individually or can be “auto-accept”Supports all standard PC image file types (i.e. GIF, JPG, PNG)

  • Addressible Fire Detection Devices

    FC460PH Combined Optical and Heat Detector

    With its ability to detect a wide range of fires, from flaming to smouldering types, the combined optical and heat multi-sensor detector is the preferred choice for a range of applications including light industrial, retail and office environments.

    FireClass Fire Alarm Addressable Optical Photo Detector FC460P

    More benign environment where any potential fire will be slow burning can be
    protected using the optical photo detector. A choice of sensitivities gives this optical photo detector a broad range of applications

    FC460H Heat Detector

    Complementing the range is the heat sensor which can operate in fixed temperature and rate-of-rise modes. It is most often used in areas where high levels of dust are present or where the environment precludes the use of smoke detectors.

    FireClass Multi Sensor Smoke Detector Addressable Heat Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm FC460PC

    The FC460PC from FireClass is a multi sensor smoke, heat and carbon monoxide(CO) detector. Having a smoke and co detector is essential in challenging conditions where normal smoke alarms and smoke detectors struggle.

    Addressable Service Tool and Accessories FC490ST

    This service tool is used to program addressable devices.