SY/R Symphoni Addressable Loop Powered Fire Alarm Sounder Horn Red FC410LPSYR


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SY/R Symphoni Addressable Loop Powered Fire Alarm Sounder Horn Red FC410LPSYR

FC410LPSYR Symphoni Sounder red

The FC410LPSYR  SY/R Symphoni is a red indoor loop powered addressable sounder FC410LPSYR, which FireClass can supply. The Symphoni SY/R is a loop powered addressable red sounder equipped with an embedded isolator.  As the SYR Sounder is loop powered it requires very little current consumption, helping to reduce costs.   It is possible to select 16 tones and 2 volumes via the FireClass fire alarm control panel.  The Symphoni Sounder SY/R are synchronised addressable sounders but not synchronous with other fire sounders supplied by FireClass.
The SY/R electronic addressable fire alarm sounder is red and an extremely efficient wall sounder that complements the Squashni G3 base sounder. Depending on the selected tone, sound levels of up to 100dB(A) can be achieved on the SY/R Symphoni addressable fire alarm sounder horn.  The SY/R Symphoni sounder is designed to be wall mounted and for indoor usage.  FireClass do supply an IP65 weatherproof version of this fire alarm sounder, should you require a fire alarm sounder to be wall mounted outdoors or in a challenging environment.
FireClass addressable fire alarm sounders provide a choice of 16 EN53 approved tones with selections to match the non-addressable fire alarm sounders in the FireClass range. Tone, volume and beacon flash rates are set in software which means that either individual, zonal or global changes can be made with a single panel configuration download. ​
  • Dimensions (LxHxD): 105x106x91 mm
  • Operating temperature: -10 to +55 °C
  • Storage Temperature: -25 a +70 °C
  • Relative Humidity: 95% (non condensing)
  • Sound performance @ 1m : 103 dB ±3 o 90 dB ±3
  • Loop powered reduced installation costs
  • High sound output characteristics
  • Low current consumption
  • Wall mounted
  • Fulleon SY/R Symphoni Sounder available in Red
  • Suitable for Indoor applications
  • Clean lines, modern styling
  • Easy to install, low installation costs
  • Multiple tones and flash rate to suit individual requirements
  • Integral Line isolator

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Dimensions 105 × 91 × 106 mm